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Bonus Round 1: Memory

Sawamura Daichi/Oikawa Tooru, G - link
prompt: remember when daichi got lost in victory road with a team full of fainted pokemon and, as if that wasn't enough, bumped into the most obnoxious dragon tamer ever?
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dear creator,

hello there!! first of all, thanks for, well, being my creator! i’m gonna love whatever you make, i just know it already.

below is just a bit of rambling to give you some idea of my likes/dislikes for my requests! hopefully they’ll give you some ideas to springboard off, but please don’t feel constrained by these scenarios - mostly, they’re about the dynamics I enjoy from each pairing/group of characters!

feel free to make these as gen or shippy as you’d like! i really like the exploration of character relationships/dynamics, so anything from gen to full shippy is cool!

i also like both canon-compliant and AU stuff! so whichever direction you go in is up to you, dear creator C: the things i’ve pointed out for each group is drawing from canon events/dynamics, obviously, but don’t feel like you have to be constrained to canon compliant stuff! i included prompts for some of these, but if they're not resonating with you there's also a list of other things at the end to give you some ideas!

Request #1: Oikawa Tooru/Sawamura Daichi

look, I’ll be honest - I started on this pairing purely from the number of panels they have where they grin/glare at each other while daichi returns oikawa’s killer serve but anyway - I love their mutual, slightly grudging, respect (for the other’s volleyball skills, for captaincy/leadership qualities) so I’d really enjoy seeing that explored! the biggest point for me is that they’re equals.

in a canon-compliant verse, I’d be interested to see how they get to know each other outside of the court! post-canon, perhaps? in an AU verse, I’d like it if they met as equals (e.g. authority figures/leaders of their respective cohorts?).

Request #2: Shiratorizawa Team Gen

I really like the shiratorizawa kids! we only really see their dynamics on court, so i’d love to see them outside of that!

some scenarios: lunch breaks, team outings, forced team bonding, sleepovers, birthday parties, disneyland trips, movie nights, summer holidays pastimes...essentially, anything that lets them be the teenage kids - and friends - that they are.

how much of the team you choose to include is up to you! my biases within the team are semi, shirabu, tendou and ushijima, but i have a deep fondness for all of the team.

Request #3: Shimizu Kiyoko, Misaki Hana, Michimiya Yui (any relationship)

i would love anything with any combination of these girls (including pol! they all have different (but deeply invested) relationships with volleyball, and i’d love to see their dynamics with each other! particularly kiyoko’s shyness/awkwardness + hana’s ability to be direct and blunt when she puts her mind to it + yui’s enthusiasm and bubbliness!

prompt: a sweeping fantasy AU with any of these girls as central characters on a journey (think: a quest or an adventure, a heroine and her companions venturing across a vast, magical world). how you interpret this is up to you! i’m just itching for my girls on a journey

Request #4: Akaashi Keiji/Ennoshita Chikara, Ennoshita Chikara/Oikawa Tooru, Futakuchi Kenji/Oikawa Tooru

this one is 100% shameless self-indulgence, my friend. i put this request here in case you feel like dipping into any of these rare(r) pairs, but not necessarily to have them all in the one piece! a little about each one:

akaashi/ennoshita - i’m a sucker for these two as characters who appear calm, controlled and chill on the surface, but who are actually deeply passionate and feel strongly for the things they love. also, there’s the whole director/camerman dynamic which is cute.

ennoshita/oikawa - (laughs nervously) all i can say is, i think they’d both find plenty to respect in each other - oikawa re: ennoshita’s resolve and determination that brings him back to volleyball, and ennoshita re: oikawa’s general steel, strength and skill at understanding people. (that’s about as coherent as i can get for this pair, i’m just intrigued)

futakuchi/oikawa - you know their handshake at the beginning of the datekou v seijou match? yep. i think they’d have a lot of common ground in their motivation and drive to go to nationals/beat old rivals. also, there’s a lot of potential in how their personalities would clash with each other! they both have slightly childish/bratty aspects, in different ways, and that’s bound to be hilarious. just look at how pissed off futakuchi gets from like, 5 seconds of interaction with oikawa in that captains’ handshake.

Request #5: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru

iwaoi are a little like my heart and home. in particular, the dynamics i like most from them are the way they mutually support and uplift each other, and know each other like the back of their hands (“they’re perfectly in synch” sums up my feelings about them most succinctly, i think)

please avoid any major knee injuries for oikawa if you go with this one - by this i mean scenarios where he overworks his knee to the point of serious damage. thank you!

Request #6: Oikawa Tooru/Sugawara Koushi

my other home! my favourite dynamic is when they both push and tease at each other and keep each other on their toes - “refreshing”, truly. i also really like the inclusion of oikawa and suga's respective friendship networks outside of each other (e.g. oikawa's friendship with iwaizumi, suga's friendship with daichi).

prompt: something with hanakotoba, and miscommunication perhaps? i love plants/flower imagery but also, imagine the misunderstanding shenanigans possible when the two parties have different understandings/misinterpretations of flower meanings.


if none of the prompts above are resonating, here are some other things!

things i like:

  • time travel
  • groundhog day/time loop
  • magic realism
  • modern magic/mundane magic
  • character studies/introspective/relationship studies
  • superpowers/superheroes
  • any sort of fantasy au!! i adore fantasy/magic stuff, really
  • slice of life/domestic, the gentler moments
  • reincarnation
  • flower imagery/plant imagery/hanakotoba
  • friendships!! platonic friendships!!!
  • soulmates - as long as this includes room for multiple soulmates, platonic or romantic
  • mutual pining
  • pokemon AU (especially about their teams/trainer classes/roles in a pokemon world!)
  • fake dating/pretend relationships
  • spy/subterfuge/espionage/undercover AU
  • in general, any sort of AU/setting that gives attention to detail to the roles of the characters in that setting. i’m always fascinated to see how characters/dynamics play out in different professions/AUs!

things i dislike:

  • alpha/beta/omegaverse
  • unrequited love
  • gore
  • character death
  • any sort of non/dubcon
  • kidfics
  • villainisation of characters or character bashing, especially to prop up another ship
  • referring to characters as “trash”
  • referring to characters as parental tropes (i.e. “mom”/”dad”)
  • westernisation/americanisation - please keep in mind that they’re japanese characters! i’d prefer if this also stays away from, say, western memes/transposing western culture/slang onto these characters

a note about nsfw - i’m super cool with smut! it’s not necessary for any of these requests at all, but if you do want to include it, please no PWP (so, plot context please!), and preferably only if the characters are aged up to 18+ at least. also, not for the shiratorizawa team gen request, please!

  • dirty talk
  • bondage
  • blindfolds/sensory deprivation
  • semi-public sex
  • orgasm denial/edging
  • dom/sub
  • phone sex
once again, the prompts are suggestions only so don't feel like you have to be stuck with them! feel free to shoot me an anon ask on tumblr if you want to clarify anything.

thank you again, i'm really excited to see what you come up with! \o/


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